Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my new home on the web. I am hoping to share my family research, connect with other family members; have a place to express my ideas and share family photos.


  1. Welcome to the genealogy blogosphere! We're looking forward to your blog posts and learning more about your family!

  2. Welcome! Always great to see another Arkansas blog.

    I have extensive Williamson history in Pope County, Arkansas, should your research interests ever move that way.

  3. Welcome to the geneabloggers family. You will find it is a great bunch!

  4. Oh cool...another Arkansas blogger. We can't have too many of those...

    Geneabloggers is a great way to meet new "friends" and perhaps even discover some common ancestors.

  5. Glad to see an Arkansas blog - a big branch of my grandmother's family lived there.

  6. Hi Jamila,
    Welcome to the blogosphere! I already typed out a comment, but in my excitment, I think I hit the wrong button, and away it went! So, to start again, let me just say that I'm really excited to see that you have Hawkinses in your ancestry, and that they may have been from Arkansas. If so, and if they migrated there from NC, we just might be cousins! :) I look forward to reading your posts, and perhaps we can share some notes on our Hawkins ancestry and see if we make a connection!