Monday, January 9, 2012

Genealogical Goals for 2012

Here are my Genealogical Goals for 2012:

POST: I would like to create at least five posts on these blog per week. 

I will try for more, but my goal is at least one. I think by using some of the Geneabloggers daily prompts will help.

ORGANIZATION: I have so many photos and unanswered emails on my computer, in my office, on my laptop and not to mention all the files and papers in my home office. I hope to be able to get things under-controlled and organized and placed in archival safe storage boxes and containers.

I am going to follow DearMYRTLE's Organization Monthly Checklists to help me find direction and have a solid plan. These forms can be found here. I am hoping that DearMyrtle continues these checklists, since she stopped in May.

Along the organization line, I am hoping to get a new desktop computer, so I can digitalize all my photos and documents on one system. I am also hoping to buy a flip-pal scanner to take with me on my genealogical travels.

LEARNING & GROWTH: I am planning to continue to attend GeneaWebinars and online Family History Classes. Hopefully I can attended some in-person classes and conferences, but we will see.

GENEALOGICAL: I need to plan some in-person visits to some of my family members, so I can get additional family histories and maybe new family photos of our ancestors. 

My sister and I want to visit my Grandmother in the next month, so I am planning my list of questions and unlabeled photos to bring.

I am also planning to attend a Family Reunion this summer in Hot Springs, Arkansas (I will post a separate entry about this reunion in the near future). This will be a great way to meet more cousins and maybe find out more about my Family History and label photos.

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  1. These are great goals. There's a little bit of everything in there. You'll do well in accomplishing them.